Canadian girl who likes music and taking pictures. Josee and Nicki are perf R.I.P Macy February 5th 2006 - March 27th 2014. I've lost my head, I've lost my mind, it's nothing that I want you to find.

The Amity Affliction - The Weigh Down (x)
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The sky was beautiful tonight. 
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do you ever stay in the shower for so long you forget who you are

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I want someone that’ll hold my hand while they’re driving and i want them to take me to Walmart at 1 am so we can buy cookie dough or something and i want them to take me on late night drives and i want someone I can just sit in complete silence with while I run my hands through their hair while I kiss their neck

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Aurora Borealis (4) (by oskarpall)
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